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The Change Charter_FINAL.jpg

A three-day conference curated for the Blue Train, between Pretoria and Cape Town. 


In 2015 Guy conceived and co-curated a unique 3-day conference, which he titled the Change Charter. Concerned about addressing the multiple social, economic and environmental issues that face Africa, he turned to the young talent in his South African Jewish community and sought out 60 of the most inventive, inspired and creative artists, activists, leaders and professionals that would serve as delegates for this ‘journey’. It literally was a journey, because while the conference was structured as a competitive hackathon—six themed teams exploring health, education, finance, environment, entrepreneurship, and energy—the whole experience took place on the rails between Pretoria and Cape Town, on the famed South African luxury Blue Train.


Both the funding and conference facilitation training for the Change Charter was generously provided by the Schusterman Family Foundation, a US and Israeli based philanthropy, under their Connection Points programme.


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